Start Up Costs/Fees

If you are leasing a FAT FRANK cart, there is an Agreement of Operating License that covers operations and agreements. It is a 1 year revolving agreement.

License fees/Lease are for 6 months, regardless of weather/sales/hours of operation –  and are applicable from April to October.

Start up costs are:

Damage Deposit (refundable)           $500.00

Lease ( Varies)                                       $550.00 – $1000.00

Insurance                                                $300.00

Uniform                                                  $100.00

Start Up Inventory                             $400.00

Licenses/Permits (Varies)              $110.00 – $300.00

TOTAL                                                 $2,150.00

We have ascertained over 17 years of business that if a new operator does not have at least these costs in pocket prior to commencing operations, that the chances of success, and commitment,  are much weaker, so please do not consider your possibilities without these minimum funds.

We are a very personal, hands on organization, that operates with and respects mutual understanding. We work hand in hand with all our operators to assure their success.

However, the bottom line is the commitment you bring to your own business in order to succeed.

We look forward to discussing possibilities with you soon.