Catering / Events

FAT FRANKS CATERS ALL EVENTS – Staff and/or Client appreciation, Open House, Grand Opening, Sports Events, Fundraisers, Charity Events, Late – night wedding “snacks”, birthday parties – you think of the reason, we,ll supply the fun and professionalism.

  Don’t Mess with your meal – Get the Real Deal with Fat Franks!

Check out our prices below then simply contact us by e-mail ( or phone ( 780-413-0278)  and we will gladly come and add  the fun to your event!

  ***Please be aware that the $250.00 ( +GST) daily flat rate is our “Event Fee” and is paid by the event organizer.***

WEDDINGS: A $500.00 ( + GST)  deposit is required prior event to confirm booking.

All deposits are required to book and finalize an event. They are payable through e-transfer from your bank or PayPal ( add 3%). We do not take credit cards.

Corporate/ Business associated events will be invoiced to the organizer.

1) A daily flat rate of $250.00 (+GST) plus product billed to organizer at cost. This is for when the organizer wishes us to participate in an event and wishes to give the product to the clientele/invitees without a cost to the clientele/invitees. (A total inventory is taken before and after the event. Organizer pays for all consumed product at established ‘cost’ prices.)

Cost Price:

Junior Dog (20z) $2.25
Jumbo Dogs (4oz) $3.25


Jumbo Veggie Dog ( 4 oz)   $3.50

( NOT  vegan)
Smokies (6oz) $4.75
(Honey Ham, Jalapeno & Cheddar, Cheddar, Bavarian Mozza Cheese, Chorizo, Italian, Bratwurst, Turkey)

Add Bacon    $1.50   Add Cheese    $1.00
Pop $1.50 Water $1.75 Chips $1.00

2) A daily flat rate of $250.00 (+GST) product sold to clientele/invitees at regular prices and a 10% of total gross sales given to organization of choice.

Cost Price:

Junior Dog (20z) $3.00
Jumbo Dogs (4oz) $4.00

Jumbo Veggie Dogs (4oz)  $4.50

(NOT vegan)
Smokies (6oz) $5.50
(Honey Ham, Jalapeno & Cheddar, Cheddar, Bavarian Mozza Smokie, Chorizo, Italian, Bratwurst, Turkey)

Add bacon    $1.50    Add Cheese    $1.00
Pop $1.50 Water $1.75 Chips $1.00

Each Package is inclusive of all condiments, napkins, hot dog sleeves, equipment and staff. We assure that all garbage is removed from site and area cleaned after event.
*** Not all Smokies  nor junior dogs are available at all events, please ask to guarantee selection.

*** You may select any combination of products listed for your event. For example if you just need hot dogs and no Smokies, or wish certain types of Smokies only – simply inform us at time of booking.

*** GLUTEN FREE BUNS are available. They are an additional $1.00 per product/each. Please ask for these buns if you require them. Please see our product ingredients page for the selection of our gluten fee sausages!


**** Cancellation: 72 hour notice is necessary, otherwise Event Organizer assumes responsibility and will be billed the”Event fee”!